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John Greaves

From Ron Russell:
January 31, 2017

My tribute to John Greaves in the January newsletter mentioned his custom editing of the front cover photo on "No Right to Win," making a flying scale model of an SBD look like the real thing. John Photoshopped the model's spinning prop to appear like a real three-bladed Dauntless prop, rather than the two blades of a model airplane motor. You won't see that photo rendered that way anywhere else.

Interestingly, the unedited original of the photo appears in another BOM book, Peter Smith's massive "Midway: Dauntless Victory." If you have the book, check the pictures next to page 269--there's our familiar model again, as captured during a radio control competition by photographer Ben Lanterman. However, Smith cited the image as a U.S. Navy photo of a real SBD. He'd received a number of pictures from VB-8 veteran Clay Fisher, who'd passed him a copy of Lanterman's great shot without identifying its source. Smith apparently assumed it was a USN photo like others received from Fisher. It's too bad that he didn't examine it more closely before adding it to his book, for it clearly shows the two spinning propeller blades of a flying model airplane.

I'm including two attachments with this message, one showing the model SBD with its owner/builder Kent Walters. The other is the original picture that Ben Lanterman took at the radio control meet. The model is a replica of Enterprise pilot George Goldsmith's 6-B-15, of certain renown in the BOM for landing on the Yorktown after the morning battle on June 4th. A picture of the real 6-B-15 can be seen on page 115 of "A Glorious Page In Our History," March 1998 edition.

--Ron Russell

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TBM Gathering

From Greg Allsop:
February 1, 2017

Can you please share this with the group. I'm planning on attending and it would be cool to have a BOM RoundTable get together if others are interested.