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"No Right to Win"    The best of the Roundtable in book form


Naval History and Heritage Command    Midway resources on the official USN history site


"The Course to Midway"    Excellent USN site with veteran interviews, video clips, and John Ford’s “Battle of Midway” and “Torpedo Squadron 8” films.


ONI 1943 Report of the Battle of Midway    Detailed analysis by the Office of Naval Intelligence in 1943


The Bates Report     Detailed BOM study from 1948 by the Naval War College (.pdf file, 333 pages)


Marines at Midway    The whole story of the Corps at the Battle of Midway


The Japanese Story of the Battle of Midway    OPNAV P32-1002 (“The Nagumo Report”)


Japanese Monograph 93    Detailed report of the BOM from Japanese records and veteran testimony


Chris Hawkinson's Battle of Midway Web Site    Comprehensive BOM site


The Battle of Midway by David H. Lippman    A detailed chronology of WWII--scroll down to "1942" then select the desired dates in May and June.


Pacific War Historical Society    Extensive BOM narratives and references


John Greaves' Aviation and Marine Art    Original artwork depicting BOM events, plus photos and info on Midway veterans


USN Battle of Midway Art      More great BOM paintings


USN Battle of Midway Photos    Interesting photos and narrative


George Gay’s Interview    Gay’s 1943 interview on VT-8 at Midway


John Ford’s Battle of Midway movie    (Original version)


John Ford’s Battle of Midway movie    (Wide-screen high resolution version)


USN "Torpedo Squadron 8" Film






Pacific War Historical Society    Extensive Coral Sea references


Tim Lanzendorfer's Pacific War web site    Extensive coverage, many resources






Jon Parshall's Combined Fleet Site    Everything about the Imperial Japanese Navy


USS Yorktown (CV-5) sinking, Part I    Dramatic photos from NHHC web site


USS Yorktown (CV-5) sinking, Part II   Yorktown’s bow slips beneath the waves.


USS Yorktown (CV-5)    Large photo collection on the NavSource web site


USS Enterprise (CV-6)    USS Enterprise Association: everything about “The Big E”


USS Enterprise (CV-6)    Large photo collection on the NavSource web site


USS Hornet (CV-8)    Large photo collection on the “Maritime Quest” web site


USS Hornet (CV-8)    Large photo collection on the NavSource web site


Disposition of Japanese ships    Listing the fate of every IJN combatant ship


Aircraft Carrier Photo Site    Extensive photos of every USN carrier from CV-1 to CVN-78    Great resource on Japanese ships & aircraft






At the Interface   Rear Admiral Mac Showers at Station HYPO before the BOM


"A Priceless Advantage"    by Frederick Parker


"The Silent War Against the Japanese Navy"    by Captain Duane Whitlock, USN (Ret)


History of JN-25    Geoff Sinclair’s detailed explanation of the IJN’s radio code system


Foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor?    by Phil Jacobsen (debunking the “FDR knew” myth)






"Midway Islands' Undaunted Defenders"    Defending the atoll on 4 June 1942


Marines at Midway    The whole story of the Corps at the Battle of Midway    Modern and vintage Midway resources


Midway Island    About Midway vets of all eras.  Includes current news re the atoll.


USF&WS-Midway    Fish & Wildlife Service site for Midway


Friends of Midway Atoll    Association dedicated to Midway’s preservation






USS Midway CV-41 Museum


Battle of Midway memorial at the USNA, Annapolis


International Midway Memorial Foundation


National Museum of Naval Aviation


National Museum of the Pacific War


Shattered Sword Yahoo Group






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