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Midway, the twentieth century’s most important sea battle—how it was supposed to turn out and what happened instead.  The veterans whose stories comprise the heart of the book.  How No Right To Win is complementary to traditional works on the battle.


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§         GLOSSARY


§        Chapter 1:  On Line with the Greatest Generation


The founding of the Battle of Midway Roundtable.  How it attracted the interest and participation of many Midway veterans and hundreds of others around the world.


§         Chapter 2:  Changes of Command


The Roundtable’s senior veteran relates his experience with Admiral Nimitz during the war’s earliest days.


§         Chapter 3:  Hit ‘Em Where They Ain’t


Veteran stories of the Doolittle Raid and the Battle of the Coral Sea.


§         Chapter 4:  The Codebreakers


Veteran stories of the U.S. Navy’s priceless advantage in reading the enemy’s radio messages.


§         Chapter 5:  Defending the Atoll


The U.S. Marines of Midway, including a revealing analysis of what the Japanese would have faced had they attempted an amphibious assault of the atoll.


§         Chapter 6:  Aboard the Carriers


On deck and below decks aboard the USS Yorktown, Enterprise, and Hornet.


§         Chapter 7:  Over the Enemy Fleet


Desperate aerial combat against a powerful enemy.


§         Chapter 8:  The Flight to Nowhere


The enigma of the flight of the USS Hornet air group on the first day of the battle.


§         Chapter 9:  Midway Was Beckoning


Stories from the American cruisers and destroyers.


§         Chapter 10:  Finding Kido Butai


An examination of the mystery as to why two U.S. Navy squadrons seemed to have no trouble finding the Japanese carrier task force (“Kido Butai”) while others, possessed with the same information, had great difficulty or failed altogether.


§         Chapter 11:  The Most and the Best


Midway veterans tell us their views on what’s right and what’s wrong about the familiar books, motion pictures, and other references on the Battle of Midway.   We also learn about the most significant individuals, on either side and at any level, who affected the outcome of the battle.


§         Chapter 12:  Facts and Fables


Midway vets and other members of the Roundtable debunk some commonly held beliefs about the battle and related events.


§         Chapter 13:  What If


Neither side believed before the battle that it would turn out as it did.  Here’s what probably would have occurred if they’d been right.


§         Chapter 14:  On the Lighter Side


War is a senseless tragedy, but there are still occasional moments of humor or irony.  Our Midway vets tell us about theirs.


§         Chapter 15:  The Imposters


The Roundtable’s role in exposing “wannabe” Midway vets who were never there.


§         Chapter 16:  Say Hello to the Guys


An enduring tribute to our Midway veterans.


§         Chapter Notes and Reference List


§         APPENDICES:


(A)  THE MEN OF THE ROUNDTABLE:  A convenient detailed listing of the veterans and other contributors who provided content for the book.


(B)  SYNOPSIS:  A brief synopsis of the Battle of Midway, for those who are unfamiliar.


(C)  ORDER OF BATTLE:  Combatant forces of the opposing fleets and on the atoll.


(D)  MIDWAY IN THE MEDIA:  Reviews of books, movies, and other media productions.


(E)  EXPOSING THE IMPOSTERS:  A New York newspaper gets actively involved in the subject of Chapter 15.


§         INDEX



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